How it works

1. True Engine Restore Innovation – Metal Plating Nanotechnology

Surface shows signs of significant wear.
The activated engine works to transport
Super Resurs Alloy Nanoparticles (Nanosized - 80nm) to the compression chamber and other engine parts through the Engine oil system.

Surface half restored.
Through heat, pressure generated by the piston, cyliner walls and other moving engine parts, Super Resurs nanoparticles activates and fuses on areas where there is most friction and pressure, restoring worn areas with a porous metallic layer.

Surface fully restored to original state.
The porous metallic layer created in the process has effectively restored the worn metal parts. There is no more compression leakage – piston rings seal up the cylinder wall tightly, restoring compression and the engine is now in optimal condition.


To better visually represent the process of Super Resurs, The Nanosized Resurs Particles and Wearing of Cylinder Wall & Piston surface Indicators have been drastically enlarged and not drawn to scale.
Super Resurs Metallic Alloy Nanoparticles have a size on 80nm – that is 0.000000080 of a Metre.

2. In detail

Process 1

Super Resurs – Engine Remetalizer has managed to break through the common practice on engine wear where now we able to repair or restore worn parts without the need to replace the overhauled engine part using a pure metal compound formula including silver, copper, tin and various rare metals. (FIG. 1)

Process 2

The formula then uses the engine oil as a medium to transport the unique nano-metal repair particles, where it can then easily pass through the oil filter – without worrying about the particles to be blocked or accumulated, due to the nano size. (FIG. 2) These Nanosised partciles allows the particles to travel to areas of Engine wear that are extremely fine and hard to reach. (FIG. 3)

Process 3

With heat and pressure, these nano particles are combined with metal surface within the engine, forming a firm and soft honeycomb like crystal layer, repairing the metal wear and protecting the cylinder walls and other engine parts in short time (FIG. 4).


This has created a favourable environment that improves engine sealing ability, effectively restore the engine’s original compression ratio, greatly improve fuel efficiency, burn the gasoline completely, increase horsepower and torque, eliminate engine vibration and reduce engine oil consumption – thus helping you save thousands in engine repairing and petrol expenses.

The pure metal formulation in Super Resurs – Engine Remetalizer has excellent thermal conductivity, which helps to cool down the engine interior, protecting the engine oil from being weakened from high temperature, thus extending the life span of engine oil by more than 50%, which is a feature that is not available in similar products.

2. Common engine parts affected by metal wear

ImageCylinder Wall


  • • You must follow the instructed method of use in order to achieve the maximum results.
  • • Actual results will be varied depending on the engine of different cars.
  • • Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser should not be used with other additives.
  • • Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser is compatible with all Types of Engine Oils – Full Synthetic, Synthetic blend & Conventional Oil.
  • • Never pour Super Resurs Engine Remetaliser on a Cold Engine. Always warm up the engine at operating level before applying the product.
  • • If you fail to follow the instructed method of use, we would not be held responsible for any consequences following the negligent & improper usage of our product.